Surviving D-Day (2011)

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Surviving D-Day is a 2011 movie directed by Richard Dale, Michael Ashcroft. Recent study shows that the chance of surviving the invasion beaches was 25%. Then how is it possible 50% of the men survived? This documentary which has been recognized as the best D-Day documentary ever tells a different story. A beautifully made detailed reconstruction shows what happened on that day on the beaches. In the first hour of the attack one third of the American soldiers dies. This battle will be decisive in the further course of the war. Survivors tell about the factors that made it so hard to conquer the coastlines. The animated images show it all.

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Actors: Michael Ashcroft, Hal Baumgarten, Gunnery Sergeant William Bodette

Director: Richard Dale, Michael Ashcroft

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 90 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Nov 17, 2011


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