Stay Hungry (1976)

Rated: 6 out of 10 with 35 votes.
Stay Hungry is a 1976 movie directed by Harold Schneider, Victor J. Kemper. Stay Hungry is a 1976 dramatic comedy film by director Bob Rafelson from a screenplay by Charles Gaines. The story centers on a young Birmingham, Alabama, scion, played by Jeff Bridges, who gets involved in a shady real-estate deal. In order to close the deal, he needs to buy a gym building to complete a multi-parcel lot. When he visits the gym, however, he finds himself romantically interested in the receptionist (Sally Field) and drawn to the carefree lifestyle of the Austrian body builder "Joe Santo" (Arnold Schwarzenegger) who is training there for the Mr. Universe competition.

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Actors: Jeff Bridges, Sally Field, Arnold Schwarzenegger, R.G. Armstrong, Robert Englund, Helena Kallianiotes, Roger E. Mosley, Joanna Cassidy, Ed Begley Jr., Franco Columbu, Joe Spinell

Director: Harold Schneider, Victor J. Kemper

Country: United States of America

Duration: 102 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Apr 23, 1976

Production: United Artists, Outov Productions

Views: 3.212