The Shadow of Glory (1962)

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The Shadow of Glory is a 1962 movie directed by Dušan Jeričević, Marko Cerovac. An ex-motorcycle racing champion who gave up the sport after a serious crash meets a charming girl who came to watch one of the races. A new romance between them ratchets up his desire to compete again and apply for the race, whilst girl's boyfriend tries to win her heart back.

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Actors: Miha Baloh, Ingrid Lotarius, Boris Dvornik, Milan Srdoč, Jovan Rančić, Dragomir Felba, Vladimir Krstulović, Hermina Pipinić, Irena Prosen, Adam Vedernjak

Director: Dušan Jeričević, Marko Cerovac

Country: Croatia

Duration: 96 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Jan 01, 1962

Production: Jadran Film

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