The Colour of His Destiny (1987)

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The Colour of His Destiny is a 1987 movie directed by Jorge Durán, Jorge Durán. Teenager and his Chilean parents live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in exile, after his brother is killed by the military government in Chile. Years later, still haunted by the past, he undergoes a crisis when he learns his cousin had been arrested in Santiago, and quarrels with his family when he decides to know his country and the details of his past.


Actors: Guilherme Fontes, Júlia Lemmertz, Andréa Beltrão, Norma Bengell, Franklin Caicedo, Marcos Palmeira, Paulo Moska, Chico Diaz, Antônio Grassi

Director: Jorge Durán, Jorge Durán


Duration: 0 min.

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Release: Nov 11, 1987


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