Vice and Virtue (1963)

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Vice and Virtue is a 1963 movie directed by Alain Poiré, Marcel Grignon. 1944 : Occupied France. Juliette (Vice) is Wehrmacht General Bamberg's mistress and enjoys a privileged life. Her younger sister Justine (Virtue) is about to marry Jean who is in the Resistance and come to Juliette for help. Both sisters end up at "la Commanderie", where Juliette becomes SS Colonel Schonberg's mistress and Justine is detained with other pretty girls who must satisfy the sexual needs of high-ranking nazi officials. Inspired by "Justine ou les infortunes de la vertu" by the marquis de Sade

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Actors: Annie Girardot, Catherine Deneuve, Robert Hossein, O.E. Hasse, Philippe Lemaire, Luciana Paluzzi, Valeria Ciangottini, Paul Gégauff, Astrid Heeren, Serge Marquand, Georges Poujouly

Director: Alain Poiré, Marcel Grignon

Country: Italy, France

Duration: 108 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Mar 01, 1963


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