Luca (2008)

Rated: 6 out of 10 with 4 votes.
Luca is a 2008 movie directed by Rodrigo Espina. The fascinating story of Luca Prodan, Italo-Scottish Idol of Argentina's mythical Sumo Rock Band, and innovator of Latin American rock. His past as a pupil in Gordonstoun, Scotland's elitist college. His rebellious adolescence and fatal flirtation with heroin. His London years in the heart of the Punk explosion, and miraculous 're-birth' in dictatorship-ridden Argentina. South America's Ian Curtis... with a twist.

Genres: ,

Actors: Luca Prodan

Director: Rodrigo Espina

Country: Argentina

Duration: 90 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Apr 13, 2008

Production: Barakacine Producciones

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