The Art of Crying (2007)

Rated: 6.5 out of 10 with 11 votes.
The Art of Crying is a 2007 movie directed by Thomas Stenderup, Bo Hr. Hansen. Life is not easy for 11-year-old Allan living in South Jutland during the early 1970s. His mentally unstable father frequently threatens suicide and his mother has long since given up. It's up to Allan to keep the family together. When a rival family threatens his father's livelihood, Allan starts committing atrocious acts.


Actors: Jannik Lorenzen, Jesper Asholt, Julie Kolbech, Hanne Hedelund, Thomas Knuth-Winterfeldt, Rita Angela, Gitte Siem, Lene Tiemroth, Bjarne Henriksen, Laura Kamis Wrang, Tue Frisk Petersen

Director: Thomas Stenderup, Bo Hr. Hansen

Country: Denmark

Duration: 106 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Mar 17, 2007

Production: Final Cut Productions

Views: 1.266